About Us

Founded in 2016, Lucy Coggle Designs makes unusual gifts and homewares based on original drawings

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It all started with a two-week-old baby and my husband’s looming birthday: I had no idea what to give him for a present until inspiration struck - our new daughter and her glorious little feet!

I couldn’t resist making footprints with her, but like so many parents before me, I had no idea what to do with them next - pinning them on the fridge just wouldn't cut it. Taking my lead from her nickname, 'Owl', I started to sketch a baby owlet around them, snatching any moment she was asleep to get drawing until this little footprint owl was finished.

I had always loved art, and after years of art school I was exhibiting internationally and travelling around the world. However, none of this left room for my first love of drawing, and definitely wasn’t very child friendly! Unsure what to do next, I found my owl picture was a hit, and soon friends and friends-of-friends were asking if I could do one for their babies, nephews, nieces etc, and the idea for the business was born. 

Since then I've taken my designs onto homewares, ceramics and stationery, had two more babies, and grown the business to a small team working in my Oxfordshire studio. I love the flexibility of my business, and the fact that it keeps sparking new ideas for new drawings. I really appreciate your support, and thank you for shopping small


owl pencil drawing with baby footprints

the original Owlet